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Amazing Step-By-Step Tutorials - Available Instantly For Free - Walk You Through The Conscious Creation Process Of Intentionally Applying the Law of Attraction and the Universal Principles to Manifest Prosperity and Abundance, Even If You've Never Attracted So Much as a Dime Before!


The Secret of Wealth and Making Money: You must THINK and GROW RICH!

Hi, this is Anisa Aven.

Advanced Law of Attraction for ProsperityThank you for picking up instant access to my Manifesting Prosperity eCourse!  I am excited that you decided to take advantage of this. 

I've taken thousands of conscious creation students through my programs. I'm grateful for the incredible stories of success that my programs have helped folks manifest.  I feel truly honored to be doing work that feeds my soul with such fulfillment and gratitude on a daily basis. And, on the other hand, I know that unless YOU do the work, this course nor anything else will help you achieve your goals.

This is my struggle and sticking point - If I give this away for free AND that makes it seem 'less valuable' then you might not do the work!  And, I've helped no one! 

You see, I'm a firm believer in 'Reciprocity' - the Universal Law that says in order to receive, one must give and there will always be an exchange of energy that must occur for any change to happen.  What does this mean to you?  Well, let me explain. 

In my experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of a global company (my corporate gig), I've learned that no matter how giving I may want to be, no matter how altruistic my motives are to just help someone - if I give it away - just because I really, really want to help (and I've done it thousands of times), most will have a click-over in their mind that literally leaves them on auto-pilot with the thoughts ---->

'If it's free - it must not have value'.

If you really want to Manifest Prosperity and want this eCourse to assist you in understanding the Universal Laws and The law of attraction as it relates to Consciously Creating Abundance, then I'm afraid that if I give it away to you for free - you'll let the click-over happen!  Your subconscious mind will say, "since it's not that great - I mean after all it's free, how good can it be.  I can get to it later"  and, then later never actually happens. 

Psst! I'm still going to give my course away for free but…

I want you to take make two simple commitments. 

  1. First, make a commitment to yourself.   Choose to sit down at a regular time every day, or once a week or twice a month (only YOU know what you can and will do) and DO the Manifesting Prosperity Course work.  In 30 or 60 days, however long it takes you, you WILL see changes and you will be glad you made that commitment.
  2. Second, is to pay it forward.  Someone else out there, that you know, needs and wants this Manifesting Prosperity course too!    Once inside, you'll find a Refer a Friend box, I ask that you take a moment to share it with your friends.   

    Now, if the course sucks (which it doesn't) or it simply doesn't feel right telling others “you're into the law of attraction”, NO PROBLEM, I ask you to then find something else of value to give away.  This can be your time, money, talent, or any worthwhile item.   I don't care what it is!  I simply want you to get into the habit of giving and having skin-in-the-game.  This will start the law of reciprocity moving in your favor!  (By the way, if you choose to give something of yours away instead of referring friends, whatever you give - make sure it has at least a $300.00 value in order to actually activate the 'skin-in-the-game' psychology that I've mentioned!)

Obviously, you're on the honor system here as I can't and won't be checking up on you.  But, I do believe that you'll be grateful you made these two commitments.

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What do I get?

Well.... what would you do if you could manifest prosperity with ease and joy?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to attract money, opportunities, and prosperity with ease?  Does it seem like magic?  Do you ever wish you had that ability so you could create the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Visualize for a moment… what it would feel like if you woke up each morning excited about the day ahead, knowing that you live in a prosperous world where you can be, do, and have what your heart desires?

Do you wish that you could focus your mind on what you want and create the time, opportunities, money, and other resources to live the life you’ve always desired? 

Would you like to be able to live a fulfilling life filled with peace of mind, financial prosperity, and opportunities to make your dreams come true?

You have always had the ability to be successful and prosperous, and now you will learn specific techniques to consciously activate this ability so you too can manifest prosperity.

Anisa, thanks to you, I am able to keep my life on course. I can breathe easily when dealing with clients, and because I'm finally experiencing the prosperity that I have always wanted. I so much appreciate the love and support and continued insights that you provide. You are highly valued by me! – Brian

Hi Anisa, Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for sharing your gifts in such an inspiring way. You are exactly who and what I've been searching for in a spiritual teacher for the past 6 years! It amazes me how I knew that I wanted to be doing this kind of exploration and work back in the summer of '96, when I was first introduced to similar concepts, but two weeks later embarked on the beginning of an extremely challenging and demanding career. For the past 6 years, I've been longing for a connection and vehicle to help me explore my higher spiritual potential, all the while desperate to learn new tricks to change my life, and a rapidly spiraling attitude. About a year ago, I took up yoga (in the nick of time, to keep me from wearing a straight jacket), and have since been led, step by step, to your expert instruction. Whenever, I need a “faith” reminder, I just think over the past year and how the Higher Power has been leading me, and I've been following where and when I should. I am so grateful for having connected with you, and feel completely empowered, connected, and ALIVE! I was on the phone for 2 hours last night, totally pumped up and excited, sharing my observations and excitement with my best friend! I can truly say I've reached the essence of Joy and Gratitude. They say the teacher appears when the student is ready, and my recent experiences are testimony that I am in the right place, at the right time, and I have the greatest advisor I could imagine! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts; you truly are making a difference in other people's lives.” - Tiffaney

Attention Manifesting Prosperity Students:

The Manifesting Prosperity course is for you if you are serious about making lasting changes to the way you view the world and the abundance in it.  If you are ready to experience prosperity at a whole new level, this course may be right for you.

By utilizing tools and techniques including visualization, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Detachment, meditation, EFT, NLP, journaling, (and many more) you will start making changes at a fundamental level that will allow you to manifest greater abundance on a daily basis.

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I’ve used the LAW of ATTRACTION to intentionally create success, and YOU CAN TOO!

Only 12 short years ago, I was a single mom of a newborn son,without a job, and had just moved back home with my parents.  I had failed miserably in business, filed bankruptcy, had $40,000.00 worth of remaining debt on my shoulders and was having to start everything over. 

Then a friend asked me, "Did you know that Financial Freedom is a choice?"

"It's crazy!" I said, because "I DO know that, but can't seem to choose to be rich!"

Then the craziest thing of all happened. I decided to really test the law of attraction and prove the prosperity principles that I'd been taught; either they were going to work or I'd throw in the towel on the whole 'manifesting' thing altogether. I ended up with a formula for creating change in my life that has resulted in not only my success, but the success and prosperity of many friends and clients around the world.

I'm NOT going to tell you about some HOT opportunity, or some incredible once-in-a-lifetime investment. I'm NOT going to even suggest that you can make $50,000.00, $150,000.00 or $500,000.00 per year or more. I don't know you and it would be totally hype and nonsense for me to say you can make that kind of money.

However, I do know that YOU can be your own success story too!

YOU can Create Wealth - YOU can Manifest Money - You can EARN more money, beginning today!

Everyone has access to an infinite mind, unlimited wealth, happiness, health and love, but very few dare to pursue it.

Right now, hundreds of people, just like you, that need money are following these steps to success to become rich. Are you ready to achieve success and access that prosperity?

Yes! You Can Manifest Prosperity!

...reveals the secrets to accessing your unlimited wealth. You will gain access to the prosperous being within ---Now!

Why should you go without all that you desire -When you were born to have it ALL?

mpbkcov.gif (23481 bytes)

I developed this 10-week completely digital tutorial e-course and digital audio-coaching program in order to share with you my formula, the one I’ve used to change my life in prosperous ways!

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In Yes! You Can Manifest Prosperity! You will learn how to use The Top Ten Tools for Manifesting and Building a Life of Prosperity and Fulfillment.

These are the very same tools that Millionaires, and Billionaires have used to create wealth and make money fast for centuries without fail.

In this all-digital e-course, you will have instant access to:

  • How to Soar to Success by KNOWING what the Divine Right Action is and How to take it.
  • The necessary commitments for launching your success.
  • Why indecision prevents you from obtaining prosperity.
  • How to avoid personal neglect while pursuing prosperity.
  • How to create a vacuum in order to pull more MONEY in to your life.
  • The physical action steps that you must take in order to harmonize with abundance and prosperity.
  • How to increase wealth and your prosperity quotient so that you can actually receive unlimited abundance.
  • How to become a synthesizer – to change your life dramatically.
  • How to know if you are attached, and blocking your good.
  • How medical science proves the law of detachment exists!
  • How to master the law of detachment.
  • How to earn more money with the secret medium of miracles.

Revealed within this course are the Ten Tools for Manifesting Prosperity and Fulfillment. However, I had to find a way to go beyond just “revealing” them and actually provide you with a process, and a system for implementing them into your life.

This is a success course in the creation of wealth using your personal mind power!

About me:

Anisa Aven -CEO of TurnKey Coaching SolutionsI'm first and foremost a mother and wife, then I'm a daughter, sister and friend, then I'm the founder and CEO of a global corporate coaching management company, speaker, author, coach, and Law of Attraction expert.

As a serial entrepreneur, I opened my first business at the age of 10 (a snack shop in my father's antique auction house.) The 'business-bug' bit me and I've been an entrepreneur ever since! Then, in 1992 I was introduced to Abraham (through Jerry and Esther Hicks) and began to apply the Law of Attraction principles in my life and businesses with amazing (albeit sporadic at the time) results.

Since that time, my appetite for Conscious Success has been insatiable. I have appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs as the 'guest Law of Attraction' expert, spoken to hundreds of audiences about 'Conscious Success Principles' and have helped thousands of clients through my conscious creation success programs to implement the power of the mind into their life goals.

A simple google search shows what projects I've supported through the years. However, my success is not what's important... what matters is that YOU master the 'millionaire mindset' that you know it's time to achieve!

I developed this 10-week completely digital tutorial e-course and digital audio-coaching program in order to share with you my formula, the one I’ve used to change my life in prosperous ways!

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Yes! You Really Can Manifest Prosperity!

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Get Free Instant Access

Within this course, are the very same tools that the greatest thinkers, scientists, and philosophers of all time have taught to the world.

Discover the ONLY get Rich quick idea that has worked for centuries!

You will learn:

  • The two C’s of Conscious Creation and why NO money making idea works without them!
  • The three methods to apply the law of detachment.
  • What to watch for (always) before your manifestations are ever physically tangible.
  • What kind of commitment canine you are, and why this is important.
  • The two things your subconscious mind must know to be in harmony with wealth. Your prosperity consciousness depends on it!
  • What the #1 killer of wealth creation is, and if you harbor it!
  • How to discover the energetic vibration of prosperity and attract it to you.
  • How the bible says you can increase success and personal wealth.
  • How to enact the law of increase to multiply your wealth 10-fold!
  • How to recognize your own limiting beliefs that keep you from making money fast. 
  • How to discover your own Poverty Consciousness and destroy it.
  • The one thing you must do to release the #1 killer of prosperity.

My intention was to make this course as easy as I possibly could; to develop a system that you can use to actually "get" on a deep, subconscious and conscious level how to use the law of success, the laws of the Universe, and the infinite mind to attract unlimited wealth.

The world wants you to be prosperous; the Universe wants you to be prosperous; and you can manifest prosperity.I designed this as a 10-week course so that you can immerse yourself into the habit of prosperity over the course of time, and thereby create permanent prosperity and get rich.

I feel certain that you will have a better working knowledge with these practical how to steps that you can immediately use to attract prosperity, and become rich.

I wanted this to be as all-inclusive a program as I could possibly make it.Therefore, within this course, you will also discover and learn:

  • Discover the Secret Formula to mathematically understand your propensity for success or failure.
  • How to use a simple daily ritual (minutes a day) to create miracles in your life.
  • The one essential ingredient necessary to turn up the volume and increase wealth.
  • If you NEED MONEY - then you need to know: How to avoid the negative vibration of desire – in order to fulfill your desires.
  • How to know beyond any shadow of a doubt if you are attracting wealth in any given moment or not.
  • How to recognize the “Signs of Land” to harmonize with making money, and achieve peace of mind.
  • How to push through the FEAR of making a mistake, and harness the inner power for success.
  • How to discover the essence of your desire.
  • How to use the essence of your desire to KNOW what goals are really on your life path.
  • How to use Anisa’s personal visualization formula for systematically attracting wealth.
  • How and why to uncover the essence of your desire (the real goal that you want) in order to manifest it.
  • How to coach yourself into knowing what you really want – and how to develop a plan to achieve it.
  • How to use the teleological creative mechanism to manifest your dreams.
  • Learn the the Science of Getting Rich.


Anisa, thanks for making my “world” a better place. Thanks for all you have taught me! – Janeene

I AM Grateful for your sharing this WONDERFUL transformational information. Your insight was right on Target. It's amazing what it takes to return us to our "FOCUS of Being In The Moment" and that nothing else really matters. When we move out of Ego life changes dramatically...I know - it took me 53 years to move forward to where I AM now. There are people that were in my life that have moved out because they couldn't handle the Energy and Higher Vibration. Now I Just Smile. - Much Life, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Grace, Blessings and Peace - Kennette

I wanted to let you know that I followed your advice and things went exactly as I had envisioned! The process was very difficult, as you said it would be, but I could feel the force of the healing when I made it to the forgiveness stage. It was actually a very noticeable relief! I awoke the next morning feeling happy and refreshed, and surprisingly optimistic. It was so liberating! I don't have adequate words to thank you! You are an angel. Thank you Anisa, you have made such a difference in my life! With love, Nancy

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Why should you compromise on what you want in life  - when you’re only moments away from having it all?

And there’s much more:

  • How to get the leverage to expand your financial success and wealth.
  • How to raise your vibrational frequency to be a match to everyday wealth and prosperity.
  • The tool that the wealthiest in our society, the millionaires, have used to increase their prosperity and get rich.
  • How to use your Genie within and apply mind over matter, to make more money and manifest prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.
  • How to protect yourself (forever) from anyone transgressing against you ever again.
  • How to monitor your attract-ability to know without doubt “how” you’re creating.
  • How to forgive the unforgivable in order to manifest your dreams.

Why should you settle for less than ideal  -- when the vision you dare to dream is the vision you can dare to achieve!

I’m not done listing the benefits of what this e-course will teach you:

  • The personal tools and secrets used and applied by the author to manifest in even the most difficult situations.
  • How to use your thoughts like a tuning fork to attract prosperity.
  • How to make peace with the limiting beliefs that are manifesting poverty in your life.
  • The exclusive PIPP1 Formula (Anisa’s personal formula) for renewing your mind and manifesting wealth.
  • How to evaluate your relationship with money and remove the blocks that keep you from prosperity.
  • How to overcome global poverty consciousness and break free into wealth.

Do you want to simply succeed or do you want to leave a legacy?

I went through all the mistakes I’ve made, and what I had to do, and what I needed to know in order to manifest prosperity, and that’s what you’ll find here in this course:

  • The four areas where your money relationships may be failing you.
  • A simple way to sense your intuitive guidance.
  • A simple technique that anyone can use to become an instantly skilled meditation practitioner.
  • How to use the three tools to accept your unlimited potential.
  • How to instantly increase your self-esteem.
  • How to keep the visualization “out there” without having to constantly feed the insatiable appetite of the creative mechanism.
  • How to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest a successful business or a prosperous opportunity.
  • How to avoid the pitfall of success to failure, success to failure.
  • How to gain a spiritual level of confidence in order to reap unlimited wealth.

The secret to attracting everything you desire

You either consciously direct your thoughts, beliefs and intentions on purpose and receive what you want or you subconsciously get stuck (or caught) in the current of your thoughts and receive what you get by default. Are you living your life on purpose or by default? This e-program will teach you methods to live more deliberately and manifest more money, prosperity, and fulfillment!

I don’t think anyone will ever believe me again, when I say, “I’m actually quite shy.”Even though it’s true! Because, I’ve chosen to share my personal stories of embarrassing defeats in order to illustrate and prove --->


I wanted this course to be totally filled with the information and the practical how to steps that will assist you in clarifying your vision, magnetizing your desires and attracting what you want.

Which includes:

  • How to avoid the constant treadmill of visualizing and affirming.
  • How to build an unlimited consciousness.
  • How to create a foundation that will create an impermeable sense of success.
  • The secret truth that reveals WHY ALL failures occur.
  • How to avoid building your success on quicksand.
  • The tools you must have to build a prosperous life.
  • Personal examples of manifested miracles and how you can manifest them too.
  • Why your prosperity is limited and what you can do about it.
  • How to use the law of attraction to manifest and create the wealth you desire.
  • How to be a deliberate architect in building your ideal life.
  • How to use E=MC2 to create your reality.
  • Scientific evidence proving that our thoughts create our reality.
  • Scientific evidence proving that our thoughts have an energetic vibration that is the formative cause of our experience.
  • The questions you must answer to discover what’s keeping you from your success.

There is even a special section on How to Discover your Life Purpose.

If you aren’t living your purpose, then no matter how much abundance you attract into your life, you will never be totally fulfilled.  However, most people miss this important point.

I have included 18 essential tips for finding and living your purpose so that YOU TOO can attract both prosperity AND fulfillment. 


  • How to gain the courage to pursue your life purpose.
  • What to do if you don’t know what your purpose is.
  • The 6 important secrets that will support you in finding your purpose.
  • The 6 mistakes that people who are looking for their life purpose make most often, that prevents them from finding their way to wealth.
  • The 6 essential questions that you must answer to begin living on purpose.
  • The secret formula for success used by Benjamin Franklin, and how you can use it too.

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How the e-course works – It’s easy!

Upon enrolling, you will instantly receive a confirmation email.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to login to your Manifesting Prosperity portal where you can begin listening right away to more than 10 segments of high quality audio-coaching sessions.

The Manifesting Prosperity Dashboard: Manifest Prosperity

Then, watch your email for the first lesson on Yes! You Can Manifest Prosperity! Each week, for ten weeks, your email tutorial will arrive in your inbox, with your lessons for the week and more great information and tools to use to attract the unlimited wealth that is your birthright!

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So, what’s the course worth?

I’m providing you with this course, (that many others have paid as much as much as $2000.00 for) for FREE!  On the condition that you agree to 1) Commit to being consistent in applying the Principles of Abundance that you’ll learn within and 2) Commit to either a) sharing with your conscious creation buddies or b) paying it forward by donating your time, talent, or treasure in the amount of $300.00 (to anyone or organization of your choosing.)  

By practicing the processes and the methods that I walk you through in this course, I have manifested a very prosperous and fulfilling life for my family and I.  We enjoy beautiful things, fabulous vacations, and a freedom that is most delicious! This is waiting for you too. I'm not any more special than you. I simply put to work the processes within this course and you can too.

Go ahead – get started today:

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I very much look forward to hearing of your success! 

With much love and light,

Anisa Aven signiture

Anisa Aven


P.S. If you ever say to yourself, "I just can't make this conscious creation stuff work for me." or "I wish I could be more consistent with creating what I want" then don't waste another second. Sign up for Free, now. You can check it out and if's not for you, unsubscribe at any time.

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